METASEER — Crypto’s 1st Hybrid Options Platform is officially launched.

3 min readNov 4, 2021


Metaseer Platform is officially launched on 3rd November 2021

Introduction to METASEER

METASEER platform is crypto’s 1st Hybrid Options platform, bringing to crypto users a brand new way to speculate on coin prices. This innovative platform created by the METASEER Team allows users to trade 5 minutes time frame CALL/PUT hybrid options with the choice of entering a trade ATM (At-The-Money), ITM (In-The-Money) and OTM (Out-of-The-Money). This is also the first Hybrid Options platform that is fully decentralized — meaning that users will have the option of choosing between contributing to the Makers’ Pool and pick the role as the platform’s Market Maker which take up trading positions against the traders or use your fundamental and technical analysis to outsmart the market. The platform is complete with proprietary pay-out ratio algorithm and automated order-balancing mechanisms.

First look at the trading platform — more languages will be available in the future

The Insurance Function

The Insurance Function can only be activated via the platform’s native token, $METAS and is extremely crucial towards traders who wish to increase their chances of profiting with the platform — by paying a time varied amount of $METAS, users can exit and limit the loss their losing trades earlier to avoid total loss. However, users will first need to deposit their METAS into the METAS wallet. This will ensures a seamless execution experience and METAS can used to activate the Insurance Function timely. This unique function is the first in the crypto space and is a powerful tool for traders to manage their risk when trading hybrid options.

A screenshot of the Insurance Function

METASEER — best tool for traders

METASEER will offer an easy solution for traders and speculators who need an easier instrument to understand and learn, it offers traders a safe environment to speculate without any exponential loss of their capital. In addition, there are no hidden fees. There is also 100% Transparency in terms of settlement of trades as all transactions take place on-chain. Users who utilised the platform will discover that at every point of their user experience, there are always transaction hashes provided and users will be able to track their transactions.

The Road Ahead

Many of our users would like to know — “what’s next” and to quench their curiosity, these are some of the features which will be released as the platform progresses

  1. Brand new base trading currencies — as METASEER forges more ecosystem partnerships, users will get to use new base trading currencies to trade hybrid options!
  2. Brand new trading instruments — as the initial stage, METASEER only has BNB as the speculative instrument, but we have plans to expand to other LARGE CAP COINS
  3. Brand new range of market to trade — METASEER would also add the range of tradable instruments from TradFi market such as FX, Commodities and Indices!
  4. Brand new chains — The METASEER Team also has plans to duplicate the platform onto new chains such as Cardano, Solana, side chains like Polygon and even Ethereum based — Layer 2 solutions like Optimism or Arbitrum!


The road thus far has not been easy but it has taken us much faster than expected to arrive at this stage. The release of the platform was planned for much later in 1st Quarter 2022 but with our tech team’s expertise and the community’s support, we managed to overcome many of the technical hurdles and successfully launched the application. We would like to offer our whole-hearted thanks to the community and to our incredible development team for this.

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The World's 1st decentralized, cross-chain Hybrid Options Market that encompasses Innovative Insurance Features & Platform as a Service ecosystem