METASEER — Crypto’s 1st Hybrid Options Platform is officially launched.

Metaseer Platform is officially launched on 3rd November 2021

Introduction to METASEER

First look at the trading platform — more languages will be available in the future

The Insurance Function

A screenshot of the Insurance Function

METASEER — best tool for traders

The Road Ahead

  1. Brand new base trading currencies — as METASEER forges more ecosystem partnerships, users will get to use new base trading currencies to trade hybrid options!
  2. Brand new trading instruments — as the initial stage, METASEER only has BNB as the speculative instrument, but we have plans to expand to other LARGE CAP COINS
  3. Brand new range of market to trade — METASEER would also add the range of tradable instruments from TradFi market such as FX, Commodities and Indices!
  4. Brand new chains — The METASEER Team also has plans to duplicate the platform onto new chains such as Cardano, Solana, side chains like Polygon and even Ethereum based — Layer 2 solutions like Optimism or Arbitrum!