METASEER forges Strategic Ecosystem Partnership with SnapEx, a rising star in the CFD derivative trading space.

METASEER and SnapEx enters into strategic partnership

We are absolutely thrilled to announce a remarkable partnership with SnapEx, a rapidly growing derivatives trading platform providing Contract for Difference (CFD) trading to the retail and institutional markets.

Through this partnership, $SNAP token will be added as a base trading currency on the Metaseer platform. Holders of $SNAP will immediately gain additional access to two new ways to utilize their SNAP token and potentially grow their holdings.

By contributing liquidity to METASEER Maker Pool in $SNAP, users will automatically become Market Makers on SNAP-based trades (meaning that $SNAP becomes a base trading currency) and will be able to earn revenues from the trading activities of users and through Metaseer’s insurance function.

At the same time, users can also use $SNAP to trade the Hybrid Options available on Metaseer to further grow their SNAP holdings.

With an aligned vision of bridging the gap between traditional and decentralized finance, both SnapEx and Metaseer will be sharing resources to grow their communities, attract more high-quality partners, and further scale their joint ecosystems.

We strongly believe through our shared resources, joint effort, and most importantly, mutual commitment, together we can help both SnapEx and Metaseer users fully leverage all the benefits that will be readily available through our joint ecosystems.


METASEER is the world’s first Hybrid Options Market that encompasses Innovative Insurance Features and Platform as a Service Partnership Ecosystem.

Through the METASEER ecosystems, projects and CEXs will be able to add instant utility to their tokens as base trading currency on the platform and their holders will be able to either participate as liquidity provider to the Maker Pool or trade hybrid options on short 5 minutes time frame across multiple range of markets.

The team and advisors are former executives from reputable crypto exchanges, traditional financial institutions, technology companies, venture capitals and Blockchain projects with the likes of Huobi, Bybit, Sparrow exchange and CyberFi.

About SnapEx

SnapEx is a rapidly growing derivatives trading platform providing Contract for Difference (CFD) trading to the retail and institutional markets. Founded in 2018, SnapEx has since been funded by some of the world’s leading Venture Capital organizations, setting the stage for SnapEx to scale and grow even further, with presence in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

SnapEx is set to become the only CFD platform to provide both an Ecosystem and a Platform Token to its audience.

Serving over 200,000 registered users, SnapEx will be offering an all-in-one suite of both CEX and DeFi, staking functionalities, licensed crypto stocks, quant and copy trading, options trading, and more.

The aim of SnapEx has been the same since day one — to bridge the gap between traditional and digital finance and encourage the mass adoption of cryptocurrency globally.

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