METASEER forges strategic partnership with Singapore’s leading blockchain educator — The Block School

2 min readAug 11, 2021


METASEER and The Block School has reached a consensus to start a brand new decentralized options trading course with the agenda of educating the public on Web3 technologies and the importance of financial risk management.

The course will empower students to:

  • Understand the basics of Options Trading, understand how it helps you as an individual in your trades and etc.
  • Understand the critical differences between vanilla options, binary options, hybrid options, American Styled options European styled options
  • Analyze the difference between centralized options trading and decentralized options trading
  • Know the differences between how a Centralized Options Trading Platform (COTP) and a Decentralized Options Trading Platform (DOTP) works, the differences in their mechanisms, pros, and cons, etc.
  • Understand the different DOTPs out there and how each of them differs in terms of their product offering
  • Students will take steps to set up their Web3 wallet, understand critical mechanisms when it comes to trading on a DOTP
  • Students will experience executing a trade on a DOTP and witness for themselves how this aspect of DeFi works
  • Applications of the DOTP will be taught to the students, allowing them to efficiently use this tool to their advantage

In the true spirit of decentralization, the course will be made completely free for all participants and it will be conducted via Zoom, the most used conferencing software to date.

Despite being free of charge, attendees are encouraged to prepare 200 USD worth of BNB to experiment the various platforms.

The course will be taught by Japhet Lim, the ops lead/tech advisor for Metaseer. The secondary aim of the course is also to nurture users for the upcoming METASEER hybrid options platform, launching in tentatively November 2021.

More information on The Block School can be found in this link:

More information on the course offered can be found here:

Similarly to the platform, the 1st intake of the course is expected to occur in November 2021 where the METASEER platform will be used as a demonstration to the students.

The course is expected to draw at least 10,000 students over the course of 6 months as blockchain technologies and the topic of decentralized finance continues to gain traction.

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