METASEER joins forces with 3 launchpads in DeFi history’s 1st ever Tri-Pad Launch

4 min readJul 19, 2021


METASEER will team up with Solpad Finance, CyberFi Samurai and OxBull for the largest launchpad coordination in crypto history

Greetings all supporters and avid readers from the DeFi world. This is the time you all have been waiting for, the official release of 3 launchpads. Yes you heard that right 3 launchpads! Which consists of Oxbull, Solpad, and CyberFi Samurai. More details and descriptions will be given below with regards to the individual launchpads.

There is one universal truth in the world of cryptocurrency — whoever gets in early always wins!

Cryptocurrency Aggregators aka Launchpads work with and list projects when they get a significant amount of traction or hype. More often than not, some of these projects are literally gems that are hard to come by. Identifying and discovering projects at an early growth stage is highly competitive and difficult. Missing out on these gems would mean relinquishing massive returns on the table.

METASEER has been blessed and we are very grateful to be working with (Solpad, Oxbull and CyberFi Samurai) launchpads. Each of these launchpads have their own user base and supporters while having extensive marketing support for every project that partners up with them. METASEER aims to pave the way to success by re-writing history to be one of the most prominent gems/projects to be released in the 3rd Quarter of 2021. With a tri-pronged approach towards marketing and with triple the resources coupled from 3 launchpads, it is inevitable that METASEER will by one of the most hyped projects.

For this upcoming METASEER IDO, We are proud to announced that we have achieved 4 “1st” in the DeFi space!

- 1st DeFi project in 2021 to go on a Tri-Pad IDO launch.

- 1st project to launch on Solpad

- 1st Solana IDO launch on Oxbull

- 1st BSC IDO launch on CyberFi Samurai

METASEER is the worlds 1st hybrid options market that encompasses innovative insurance features and platform as a service ecosystem. Soon, there will be many projects working hand-in-hand with METASEER as we aim to solve the initial problem that every project faces upon launch. Which is (what is the initial utility of a token when the project has not been completed). Stay tuned as we detail and depict our growth as per our roadmap. But for now, lets embrace and rejoice as we prepare for our IDO which is coming in under 10days on these 3 massive launchpads!

Please refer to the respective official launchpads for their white listing processes on how to participate in METASEER IDO:


Solpad Finance — SOLPAD is the first Multichain IDO. platform for Solana. Enabling projects to raise capital on a decentralized platform, based on Solana.

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium


OxBull is a Blockchain Incubator and Launchpad developed by Tech Enthusiasts. Driven by quality, relentless execution, and credibility, the platform aims at helping budding high quality blockchain projects by providing necessary funding support to launch their projects in the best possible way. With this, OxBull will merge both investors and blockchain projects in what will be a helpful connection.

The platforms also have successfully track records of launched multiple projects that strive to produce similar traits.

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium


SAMURAI by CyberFi is a full suite decentralized cross-chain crowdfunding platform built for the evolution of DeFi. Forged with the knowledge of existing infrastructure of fundraising to propel projects in the right direction to gain global community growth.

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium

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The World's 1st decentralized, cross-chain Hybrid Options Market that encompasses Innovative Insurance Features & Platform as a Service ecosystem