METASEER launches Staking Pools as part of it’s Hybrid Options ecosystem

2 min readSep 3, 2021


Staking Pools are now opened for staking.

Staking Conditions

METAS Token Address: 0xfa1e1754bd2896d467930c97d07af799c531cb7d

Staking start date: 03/09/2021

Staking Entry Period: 60 days / 1728000 blocks

Minimum Staking 2,500 METAS

Rewards per block: Approximately 1.2 METAS

Total amount of rewards: 2,100,000 METAS

Staking Lock Up period: 30 days

METASEER Liquidity and Staking Program

METASEER has officially succeeded in deploying a proprietary staking pool for investors and holders of METAS tokens (native token for METASEER platform). This means that METAS tokens can be bought on PancakeSwap and/or Raydium. It is very common for coins to be staked to receive extra rewards i.e., stake METAS to earn more METAS.

METASEER will allow investors and/or token holders to receive more rewards through a staking process. This activity is often referred to as yield farming, this concept is the core of the popular DeFi projects. By actively participating in yield farming, METAS token holders will be able to earn passive income on the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC). It is very similar to a regular proof-of-stake model whereby users will lock up their cryptocurrencies to get rewards after a predetermined period of time.

The total amount of METAS available for rewards will be 2,100,000 tokens that will be distributed to all the stakers. The rewards per block will be as follows (1.21527 METAS / Block). The minimum amount of tokens required to qualify for staking will be 2500 METAS. The staking lock up period will be 30 days upon start of staking and the staking entry period will last for 60days. Do keep in mind that the rewards will be paid out pro rata based on the time and amount of METAS that has been staked since day 1. The rewards distribution will begin from approximately block 10592300 on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Unlike typical farms that mint new tokens after every block has completed, METASEER will not be minting any new tokens. Instead the rewards will come from our liquidity wallet. This is done to ensure that the total supply of METAS will not increase and it will create a scarcity for the ecosystem which will in turn help with price. METASEER still has a long road ahead but we are well ahead of schedule and will strive to only bring to everyone the best platform.

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Happy staking!

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