METASEER Strategic Investors — Why did they invest?

4 min readJul 6, 2021


Why was METASEER selected as the choice of investment?

Potential of the METASEER platform

As investors, there were multiple reasons why they saw potential in METASEER and in this article we would like to summarize those reasons. These were actual reasons mentioned to the team and carry the hopes, visions and dreams of the investors as they begin this journey together with the METASEER team.

1st Reason: Experienced and Reputable Team Members

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The METASEER team comes from the likes of a very diversified and ecocentric background which heralds from digital asset exchanges — blockchain projects — financial institutions — technology and venture capital firms. The team of METASEER strives to develop and bring a self-sustainable platform for the entire cryptocurrency space.

Some of the esteemed organizations which our team originated from, includes Huobi Global, ABCC Exchange, ByBit, Sparrow Exchange, Algorand, Raydium, Jigsaw Capital, MW Partners, Celer Network, Near Protocol, Oction, Valbury Capital, Oracle and many more.

2nd Reason: Hybrid Options Markets

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The hybrid options market is one of the foremost reason behind their decision. For the longest time, DeFi had many great applications in the AMM swap, DEX and lending space but this category is a brand new unchartered segment with unlimited potentials.

The potential for hybrid options market is also largely untapped on DeFi with over 85% of TVL on Uniswap and Pancakeswap are currently engaged in swaps, flash loans and yield farming. All of this means just within the crypto space alone, there is a lot of room to grow.

Partially due to the lack of code references on GitHub, it makes most developers afraid to set foot in this domain as the journey to complete coding such an application would be long and arduous. For the METASEER team, this is not a challenge that is too hard to conquer as the team comprise of veteran technical advisors from Oracle and JP Morgan who will be guiding the team through pre & post development, and making sure that the platform runs smoothly. This leads to a very sense of confidence and conviction to finish the platform.

3rd Reason: Bridge to Traditional Finance

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One of the key reasons for growth in any sector or business is the ability to attract new players or in the case of blockchain and DeFi — “old players”. This has always been a central theme in DeFi; attracting both retail and institutional players from Traditional Finance into Decentralized Finance. However, such a task is easier said than done. Terms like “Yield Farming”, “Flash Loans”, “Swaps”, “Native Tokens”, “Staking” and many more are too unfamiliar to traditional finance players. If this bridge between TradFi (Traditional Finance) and DeFi was to be established successfully, it must be done on the grounds of familiarity. The investors of METASEER therefore believes that options would actually be a good middle ground for the two sides to come together, in particular, hybrid options on METASEER make it extremely easy for traditional finance retail players to understand and is a good entry point into DeFi for TradFi players.

4th Reason: Platform-as-a-Service Ecosystem

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The Platform-as-a-Service is an inclusive ecosystem that will hold all the other blockchain project tokens together as through the added token utility of being able to trade on METASEER platform. As such, contributing to growing the overall market capitalization of cryptocurrencies, and enhancing the overall holding value of their stakeholders. This is something which attracted our investors as they understand that the key to a successful token is through an ecosystem which constantly exports the utility of the native token to other projects and communities.

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