What does METASEER want to achieve?

Metaseer’s 3 goals can be summarized as Innovation, Safety and Ecosystem. Read below to find out more.
  1. Innovate new way of trading through Hybrid options and bridging the gaps between traditional financial market and cryptocurrencies in a decentralized environment where users has full control over their own digital assets.
  2. Introduce unique Insurance feature that is built on the principles of Moneyness and Time Value, that allow user to de-risk their trading position before expiry of their option contracts.
  3. Develop an inclusive ecosystem whereby blockchain project tokens can benefit from having additional uses cases through our Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, which will help to enhance the overall holding value of their stakeholders. As such, contributing to growing the overall market capitalization of cryptocurrencies.
  4. Bridge mainstream investors to crypto via the easily accessible tool of options trading, making decentralized options a mainstream trend.



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The World's 1st decentralized, cross-chain Hybrid Options Market that encompasses Innovative Insurance Features & Platform as a Service ecosystem